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Floor Cleaning

Professional Team Cleaning Services provides deep cleaning services to a variety of different floor types. 

First, we inspect the floor and clean it according to its condition. Depending on the condition, we'll let you know if it only requires a floor scrubbing or a complete strip and wax service. 

Nevertheless, whatever the job, we always use high-quality equipment and supplies. 

​We've taken on jobs with hardwood floors, laminate, solid wood, linoleum, ceramic, thermoplastic tiles, granite, vinyl, and many more!

Before we start any floor cleaning service, we dust mop and mop the floor until no dust is left. Then, we use a rotary machine, armed with a professional-grade cleaning solution, to break down the dirt as it turns at 175 RPM.

If you choose to have your floor waxed, we will then apply the wax and, depending on the floor type, will apply the appropriate number of coats. This can be two, three, or even more. 

​Once the job is finished, the wax will have to be left alone to dry for about two or three hours. And the end result will be a beautiful floor that looks new!

No matter the job, we always use high-quality equipment and supplies, and our professional cleaners are fully insured and trained to restore shine and pristine appearance to your hard floors.

One trait our customer's love is that we adjust our cleaning processes to meet their particular needs and requests. This synergy produces a unique and personalized cleaning plan that we rigorously follow on each visit to your facility.


This guarantees the results that the professionals at Professional Team Cleaning Services deliver and our clients expect from us.

Our professional cleaners are deeply trained to merge our cleaning processes with your wishes and your own style to go further and achieve the cleaning quality that you and your facilities deserve.


​Flexible and free scheduling appointments? 

​Customizable cleaning schedule for your business? 

​The care and love of a local business mixed with the professionalism and effectiveness of a corporation? 

​Trained cleaners ready to go above and beyond the call of duty? 

​Punctual, communicative, accountable, and honest? 

With over thirty years of experience, you can be sure you'll have peace of mind whenever you decide to give PTCS a call. 

​So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your booking appointment today and see what all the fuss is about.

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