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Our Story

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Read about how Professional Team Cleaning Services came to be.

Professional Team Cleaning Services

The Beginning

Flashback to 2012. This was without a doubt one of the most difficult years for my father, founder of this amazing company. After trying out many different business pursuits; selling sunglasses, cars, and a few other careers, he hit rock bottom on 2012. Nevertheless, this time prompted my father to reflect on what to do next.

The result? Starting a cleaning business. This wouldn't be his first time, though, he ran a successful business years ago.

He had the experience, he had the knowledge. It was time to try again. So he went for it.


It's been several years now, and with a lot of hard-work, sweat, and plenty of chances to fail, I'm proud to say Professional Team Cleaning Services has grown to be something incredible. Still, we're just getting started, there's much so much more to do.

Something Different

We strive to create a win-win relationship with everyone. This means all of our clients and our team. Respect, honesty, accountability, responsibility: these are traits that are sought, practiced, and achieved on a daily basis.

More than that, though, what makes us special, what makes us different, is the love we put forth into our work.

The beauty about cleaning is the clearing away of the old, the negativity, and the invitation of the new and positive. There's nothing like the feeling of a clean home or office. You feel happy, rejuvenated, and confident to take on the day.

A happy space makes for a happy face. If we can do that for you, then we've done our job.

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