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Commercial Cleaning


Post-Construction Cleaning


Window Cleaning


High Dust (max 8 ft)


Office Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Pressure Washing


Deep Cleaning Floors


Professional Team Cleaning Services, Inc. is that very team that will leave your business in a state you never even dreamed of. With over three decades of experience, we've garnered an excellent reputation in services such as:

- Janitorial services

- Carpet vacum and washing

- Floor scrubbing and strip and wax

- Deep cleaning

- Post construction cleaning

- Window cleaning

- High dust cleaning

- Pressure washing

- Total sanitizing services

And we've handled these services in various industries for our customers. Industries such as:

- Office buildings

- Restauraunts

- Car dealerships

- Gyms and fitness centers

- Dental clinics and healthcare facilities

- College campuses and schools

And much more!

Our cleaning services are available 24/7

Yet, the one trait that makes PTCS stand out is our customer service. No matter the day, no matter the situation, our team is always sure to go above and beyond the call of duty and should an issue arrive we'll be sure to solve it immediately. 

We offer flexible and free scheduling appointments. 


No contracts, no pressure. Full liability. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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