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Window Cleaning Services

Professional Team Cleaning Services is a top-rated commercial window cleaning company. With contracts spanning from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire, we have perfected a range of specialized services that we are now proud to offer throughout the area.

Here's a breakdown of our entire window cleaning routine:

1.) We take off the screens and vacuum the tracks with our HEPA professional vacuums.

2.) We hose down the screens before cleaning off the dirt and debris.

3.) We clean the tracks with a rag.

4.) We use our professional window cleaning chemical to clean the windows.

5.) We carefully get rid of any residue such as paint, making sure not to ruin the glass.

This is our thorough window cleaning routine but if this ends up being too expensive for you, you can choose what you'd like us to do so you don't have to break the bank.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only clean reachable windows. We do not take on window cleaning jobs that span the exteriors of skyscrapers. 

Nevertheless, give us a call and we'll see how we can help you!

Top-Rated Commercial Window Cleaning       Providers

The effort, dedication and professionalism in our work makes us the window cleaning company you need.

Our large team of professional window cleaners, fully trained and equipped, allows us to provide cleaning services of all sizes and categories in any area that requires our action.

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